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ppas-xdb - xDB Replication server by EnterpriseDB

License: Proprietary
The EDB Postgres xDB Replication Server is an asynchronous, multi-master
or master-to-slave replication system that is easy to install and
configure and provides a rich graphical management console. The
multi-master system provides enhanced read scalability and write
availability while synchronizing data continuously between masters
complete with automatic conflict detection and resolution. It is an
ideal solution for consolidating data input across data centers or
geographically dispersed offices. xDB also supports bi-directional
replication of tables (with row filtering) between an Oracle(R) or
Microsoft(R) SQL Server database and a Postgres database (PostgreSQL or
EDB Postgres Advanced Server). This provides you with affordable options
for safeguarding data, enhanced failover/standby capabilities,
optimizing online transaction processing, offloading reporting/BI
queries, backup and restore, and migrating systems at lower costs.


ppas-xdb-6.1.2-2.sles12.x86_64 [6 KiB] Changelog by Hamid Quddus Akhtar (2017-02-21):
- Update service paths; per#40247

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