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libmemcached - Client library and command line tools for memcached server

License: BSD
libmemcached is a C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
( It has been designed to be light on memory
usage, and provide full access to server side methods.

It also implements several command line tools:

memaslap	Load testing and benchmarking a server
memcapable	Checking a Memcached server capibilities and compatibility
memcat		Copy the value of a key to standard output
memcp		Copy data to a server
memdump		Dumping your server
memerror	Translate an error code to a string
memexist	Check for the existance of a key
memflush	Flush the contents of your servers
memparse	Parse an option string
memping		Test to see if a server is available.
memrm		Remove a key(s) from the server
memslap		Generate testing loads on a memcached cluster
memstat		Dump the stats of your servers to standard output
memtouch	Touches a key


libmemcached-1.0.18-1.sles12.x86_64 [708 KiB] Changelog by Devrim GÜNDÜZ (2015-12-08):
- Update to 1.0.18

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